Monday, March 14, 2011

Sister Dawgrag Opened Her Restaurant!

March 14, 2011

Dearest Family,

There is always a little something in the week that just makes us super excited. This week that little something was the fact that Sister Dawgrag opened her restaurant right next to our house. She sells everything and it is amazing. I also learned from Sister Dawgrag that she bought the land where the Elders’ house is and built the house specifically for the Elders. Sister Dawgrag is the example of the word example. She loves the Church with all her heart. She loves the Gospel because the Gospel changed her into the person she is today. I look up to Sister Dawgrag.

And then there's Father Jan. And Father Khiaw. And all kinds of other people in this branch that I love. I think of them as my family. Then I reflect upon my real family and how much they love me. I think of how much they want me to be successful and happy. I love this opportunity to serve here in Thailand because I know that one day we will realize that we are all part of a much greater eternal family.

We can't expect everyone to accept the message of the Gospel - today Chaysit called and dropped himself because of family pressure and some other issues - but we know that for us as we accept the Gospel and the fruits of the Gospel our lives will be better. I know that through the power of the infinite atonement, even the darkest times can seem better.

I love Roi Et so much and the members here are so amazing. I have seen miracles that I cannot fully describe. The greatest miracle I have seen, however, is the miracle of patience and endurance within me. Sure my time as a missionary isn't over yet and there are many challenges to come but I have learned we have to take everything one day, one hour, one step at a time. Don't run faster than you need to. Don't kill yourself with stress. Don't let yourself forget who you are.

I know that the Lord lives. I remember teaching Aa and Naang this week and they said, “Before we didn't know the word repentance. To return to your heart.” When we repent, we have to forgive. If we cannot forgive others for things that they have done in the past or we cannot forgive ourselves, we must draw upon the power of the atonement to find the strength to forgive. We must remember that we cannot change the past but dwelling on the past will not bring any good results.

Chaeron's family came to Church and they found friends and new associates. They are loving the power of the Gospel in their lives. The Gospel really does have power - God wants us to remember that always. So don't forget it!

Hey, I love you all so much. I love this work and I know that I am meant to be here. Please keep praying hard for me. I pray hard for you all always. Pray that we will choose the right and love the Savior more everyday!


Elder Jacob Newman

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