Monday, June 21, 2010

A Trip to a Bangkok Hospital

June 21, 2010

Hello Family,

An unexpected event today made me a bit nervous. Now before I tell you anymore, do NOT panic. I am doing fine now. I will take some time to rest and recover. Today I was in the elevator just about to go out to email. This entire moves I have felt stomach pains but it's nothing out of the ordinary until today. Today I felt an intense pain. I thought it was a parasite so I was going to get some medication. We were in the elevator with the other three elders and well... I said I don't feel so good and then I blacked out for about 5 seconds. What a way to start the moves. We went to the best hospital in Bangkok and they told me that I have an ulcer. Unfortunately that means I can't eat anything fun for at least two weeks until it clears up. So please pray that this will clear up quickly and not affect anything. It hurts really badly right now but I think the medicine should help. They gave me Aluminum Magnesium and Miraid in order to help me start feeling better.

I forgot how bad ulcers HURT. It's because of the stress. We can't find ANYPLACE to live in Thonburi and we are living in SUCH cramped quarters. I received permission to look online for apartments. To be entirely honest, I am a bit frustrated. We need a house that has two bedrooms, two western bathrooms and a kitchen. Sorry, usually my emails are so upbeat - it's just today I feel sick and really tired. But now I will get upbeat after I have complained a bit. If you could take some time to look up some houses. We are looking for one on a road charansanit wong or one that is in Thonburi itself. I can't find anything and this house is just too small.

This week was super awesome. It really was. I have never felt like I have so much confidence and love in my life. Sure, it's hard to open this new area but we saw some great things happen. We found about three really great investigators. We saw the power of prayer and hard work. Elder Seymour, as we sat in a lesson, asked the most simple but profound question to an investigator. “Do you think God loves us all?” The Spirit was so strong despite the fact that he was ill. And this investigator will continue to be a good investigator. Perhaps the most surprising thing was the meeting with a Muslim man who invited himself to learn and then showed up to three hours of Church on Sunday. He's interested to see how this will be a blessing to his life. I love seeing the shine in people's faces as they see the Gospel changing their lives, slowly but surely. It's not something you see very often here in Thailand but when you do, it's an amazing experience. Today, I don't have much to say. Sorry this may be the shortest email ever. I still love Thailand to pieces. Everything is simply wonderful but I just need to get better. Pray that I will get better.

Alright, well my companion is AWESOME. It's been a blast. Basically I feel so blessed to be with him. He's helping the area a lot even if he thinks he's not. He keeps me going and on the ball. It's been really stressful with the situation and everyone knows I am a ball of stress but I have really felt like together we get along so well and I just love him to pieces! He loves penguins too. What a coincidence. I really know this is God's work, even when it's so, so hard. I know that on the days where I don't feel well, there's a Savior who knows my pain. I know He's there. When I was in the hospital, I was so worried. I feel so grateful that I came to this place and I just need to get better to help our area grow and flourish. Right now I am just too sick. I love this work so much. Man it's hard but I love these people more than I can describe. I look in their eyes and I see children of God just longing for something. Longing to be recognized, to be loved. God LOVES them so much. Even if we don't believe in Him, God still loves us. What an amazing thought! Love that's so perfect and so infinite.

This opportunity here in Thonburi is off to a rough start with the sickness but I know we came here to find people. That's why I'm here. “Don't ever forget the people you are supposed to find.” - Those were the words of Elder Brown in Chiang Mai to me in my friendship book. I am trying so hard to remember them. How will I know who they are? I will know as I trust that I don't know but that God does know them. One by one. Granted, we will have frustrations. But I know that this is God's desire for me to be here in Thonburi. I don't understand but I trust in God. That's who I trust.

As for today, I want to let you know that I love you all so much and pray for you daily. Please pray that I will just get better and have no problems. I love you all. So. So. Much. Families can be together forever and the gospel is more than just simple teachings, it's the power of God, the power of the Sacred in action. It's changing people's lives as you speak. I love these people!

Alright, that's all I got. Home to some boiled rice and some medicine.


Elder Jacob Newman

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