Monday, June 14, 2010

Greetings from Thonburi!

June 14, 2010

Dearest Family,

Greetings from Thonburi! Our area is called Big Bangkok! So I am literally back to the city of angels. I can't believe it! I never expected to leave Chiang Mai this soon. I missed Bangkok so much. PEOPLE everywhere! So many sights and people to see and help.

I got the call earlier this week that I would be training. Ironically, I was riding to go inviting at a place called Nongpaakrang - Swampy sap forest. I talked to President Smith. "Elder Newman, I'm going to change your assignment. You are whitewashing and training and going to be the senior companion (phii)." I was shocked. Elder Jensen and I robbed of our 2 moves together!

But then we had a crazy thing. Moves meeting was supposed to be Friday. But they moved the flights and so they had to MOVE MOVES MEETING A DAY EARLIER. So we had to rush to pack in Chiang Mai to get down to moves meeting on the Nakhon Chai Air bus - it's a bus. It's funny, the bus is like fancy here and the people wear uniforms and you get food and stuff. I didn't sleep a wink on the bus. I was so sad to leave Chiang Mai. We had seen so many wonderful things in Chiang Mai that I didn't know what to expect. I will miss Elder Jensen. He is an awesome missionary and a great friend. I will miss our fun times messing up our Thai or teaching funny investigators, inviting by the mote in Chiang Mai, enjoying the fun times but most importantly feeling the Spirit. He teaches so well and teaches with the Spirit.

So we got to Bangkok. Moves meeting came around after a shower in Pakkret at the APs house. I was so nervous. We had moves meeting which was good. They announced the closing of an area in Burriram since the branch now has a member branch president. So... that opened up an interesting opportunity. I knew I would be coming to Bangkok, I just wasn't sure where. I thought for sure that I would be whitewashing not opening. Then he announced that Elder Seymour would be going to Thonburi with Elder Newman, opening an area that in the past has only had 2 Elders. Now it has 4. Welcome to Tonburi. Bangkok central. My companion, Elder Seymour, is amazing. He's so full of excitement, he is brave and will speak Thai even if he doesn't know how to say it and he's so ready to learn and grow. He needs to feel the spirit, help the Thai people, and learn Thai. I hope I will live up to the expectations that God has set for me. So at this time, I ask for all of your special prayers at this time. We don't know the area very well and we are all four living in the same house right now - soon to move out hopefully - and we are literally starting from scratch 100%. Please pray that we will be lead to those who are ready to listen to us and ready to help this small, struggling ward grow! This ward has amazing members but it's just so small! It needs all the help it can get.

Before I left Chiang Mai I taught Tum for the last time. He's a miracle. He's the man we found on a rainy night at the end of a really hard day. He felt really prepared to hear our message. I felt sad that I left Chiang Mai but I feel that I left it better than when I got there.

For a final few words. Thonburi is amazing. Wow. It's just amazing. I love Bangkok and I love this mission. Yesterday I had a really interesting comment from a member. We offered to help clean up and they said. "No. Elder. Go out and find the lost sheep." I was shocked. The welcome to the branch was fantastic. We are going to get things rolling in this part of Bangkok. I am so excited. Yesterday we went to the bishop's house for dinner. He's an amazing man and he wants Thonburi to grow so much. Thonburi needs it. His wife made the BEST laab ever. There was also a shrimp vegetable dish and masamman curry. The Bishop's name is Arun - he's lived in Chiang Mai before - member since birth. And his wife's name is Cherry. Great family. This ward is amazing. I love it to pieces. All it needs is more membership! I know I came to Thonburi to find someone. I know that I wasn't put with Elder Seymour simply by randomness. I know we are together for a purpose. But at this time, I am trying to find out that purpose. I don't know what it is. Pray for us and we will work hard. I want to please my Savior and my Father in Heaven. I love this time and this place. Please pray that we will be blessed. I hope you all are well.

I am grateful to all you. For everything. Please never forget that I remember all of you and pray for you all daily. Please be safe, happy and healthy and pray for us too!

I love you all and pray for you!

Elder Jacob Newman

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