Wednesday, April 28, 2010

This Week Is Moves

April 27, 2010

Dearest Family,

Things have been a bit crazy this week. Our P-day was technically yesterday but we had a problem at our house. We didn't have water the entire day so we had to try to figure that out. It was a bit of a stressful experience. This house here in Chiang Mai has had problems with the water ever since I’ve been here. And, I forgot to tell you that this week is actually moves week. So it's been a bit crazy to say the least. But it's been a great week. I love it here so much. Chiang Mai is the best place on earth!

Sadly, Elder Day is going to be moving. Moves week is always such a bittersweet week. I will miss Elder Day for sure. I feel that he has been such a blessing in my life. He has helped me so much with Thai, teaching and everything in between. Most of all, he helped me to see myself in a new light and to have more confidence in myself. Through him, I have seen the true love of the Savior. His love for the Thai people shines. He is an amazing man. Elder Day is going to be a great zone leader. (He got a call earlier this week about it.) Our moves together has gone by so quickly. I can't really believe it's over.

This week I had a great switch-off with Elder Perry. (He will be returning home to Sandy this week.) We taught a lot of their great investigators and found some great new ones for them too. It was fun to see another side of Chiang Mai that I don't know as well.

We also saw a man named Luy, a less active, later in the week. He felt forced to go to Church by his mother. It was sad to see this man, who is so debilitated. He is crippled by disease and also so sad. I felt sad to see how people drift away from Christ and forget that Christ is the reason for everything. We need to all remember that when life gets hard. Christ is the reason we do EVERYTHING.

We also taught Brother Off. Brother Off at this time is struggling to keep some commandments. We taught him a lesson about diligence. As we taught him, I looked into his eyes and I realized how much love I felt for him. Brother Off is an amazing child of God who has such potential. I have come to realize how important that is. To LOVE. To see people as who they are. I want to help these people so much. I know I can do it through God's help. Somehow. Someway.

Anyway, Thailand continues to be amazing. Sorry about the delay. I love you all so much. Don't ever think I forget about you because I can never forget the people I love the most.


Elder Jacob Newman

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