Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sawat Dee Family


Sawat Dee Family!

So I don't have time to answer the questions from your last email because I just lost an entire email that I wrote. Needless to say that was VERY frustrating. And now I only have like two minutes left. But besides that all is going well. We aren't in the best place to write emails, there's a lot of noise but everything is going very well!

Thailand is of course as fantastic as ever. We are teaching quite a few people and they are progressing. The work is very hard but it progresses as we learn to exercise faith and learn to understand the Thai people better. That's the thing that's the best part of Thailand; the people. They are so kind and loving and generous. They have a true love for one another. And while sometimes they may not be interested in hearing about the Gospel they are not people to belittle another's beliefs. The members, however are fantastic people who have sacrificed much to be members of the Church. Many are first generation members, the only members in their family, or similar situation. Many have spouses that are not members. But they still come to Church and have such wonderful testimonies. I can't wait for fast and testimony meeting this Sunday!

Zone Conference was fantastic. President Smith and Sister Smith are both so great. They have a real love for the Thai people. The conference was about vision for Thailand and where we want to see Thailand go as far as the spreading of the Gospel is concerned. President Smith said that he had no idea that the 17 year old boy that he was teaching would become the stake president today! That's an amazing story that has come full circle. The SPs daughter will be teaching the new Thai missionaries at the Manila MTC.

The food is still fantastic of course. I love every bit of it. And I have yet to get sick. So thank you so much for your prayers in that regard! I know that they have helped immensely!

And Thailand is as beautiful as ever. We are teaching some great people and we have some wonderful investigators. We have seen miracles. I will try to write more next week when I have more time. Thailand is as wonderful as ever! I love being here with all my heart and I am so glad that I have the opportunity to share about Jesus Christ for a short time here to help the Thai people come to know Him and of His power to change their lives.

Tell my friends I have gotten all their mail and that I also got the Dear Elders.

I love Thailand and love you all so much!


Elder Jacob Newman

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