Tuesday, August 4, 2009

So I totally just wrote a whole bunch and lost it all!

Ahhhh! Stress!

The package arrived in good order and I will just answer the questions from the email that you just sent me. For some reason, I just lost the email that I was writing. It was way long too. So I will have to hurry since I only have 15 minutes left.The package arrived in excellent order and I was pleased with everything. Thank you so much! Give my thanks to Stop, profusely for his help with the Thai language card. I lost mine a couple of weeks ago and I need it for reference for vowels even though I don't use it that much anymore. Thanks for everything. Everything is perfect.)

Do you use your ipod to play music? - They disallowed it at the MTC for some reason but I will use it in Thailand.

Are you still playing the piano and have you ever gotten to do anything special on the piano? Do you think you will ever get to play in Thailand?- I bet you I will be play almost every Sunday in Thailand. I haven't done anything special yet but I am working with our district to our final musical number. We will be singing in Sacrament Meeting- I believe in Christ (Chan chxa nay phrakhrid) and Each Life that Touches ours for Good.

When do you start the Doxycycline medication for malaria?- Unclear. I am not wholly sure.

Did you have to have any additional immunizations or did we get them all taken care of? I heard that some missionaries in your district had to get immunizations.- They got the Japanese mouse brains shot for free. They are going to get two doses. But I think it's good we got it before because I think our doses are probably better than theirs.

Do you already know what day is P-day in Thailand?- Wednesday I think? We teach English at night rather than tract. That's a happy thought.

The elephant cookies made it in good order and I was able to share of the chaang (elephant) goodness. Excellent work. Thank you.

The tape recorder I will ponder about. I will probably send you a more detailed letter today. I really wish they gave us more time for email because that's really frustrating that I just lost all the 15 minutes worth of work. I guess it teaches us patience to experience such trials. Anyway... Let's use the rest of this time wisely.I am so excited to go! The language will be hard the, food different, the culture different, but I already feel a kinship and a love for the Thai people that I cannot express in words. Phom ruu waa mxa phom mii sadthaa nay Phrakhrid lah Phraphuupencaaw phom tham thugsing day! (I know that when I have faith in Christ and God I can do all things). It's really exciting. I think it will be a great time. Really. I just can't wait to get out there and serve the people. I too thought about what Nicole said about the two years and the rest of your life. It's also comforting to think that she told me before I left that she knew I would be okay because I am in God's hands. I have thought about that a lot as I think about what it's going to be like in Thailand. I think it's human to be scared of the unknown, but I can't wait to get to Thailand and share my testimony with the Thai people that they have a Phraphuuchuayhayrawd (Poor rominazation of Savior) and that they can see the blessings of knowing Him in their life. I mean look at Stop, he has worked so hard to share this with everyone he knows. I can't wait to actually meet him in about a week! That's a very happy thought for Elder Newman.

Anyway I think my bag works because I measured it and it seemed to be under 45 inches. I will use the Post Mart system as soon as I can. I will probably do it sometime this week. I am not sure exactly when is the best. (P.S.- I am on earlier since we got up earlier than usual to make the most of our last p-day). I hope it's okay if we just pay the $2.

The camera looks fantastic. I will read the instructions and be sure to be very careful with it. Thank you so much. I will make sure to take a ton of pictures because this is such a once in a lifetime experience. I will mail you my flight plans. I don't know if I will have time to copy them but I will get you all the information that you need. I wish I hadn't lost that first email but oh well. It gave more detailed responses to everything. But anyway, thanks so much for all your support. I will probably be calling you from LAX late at night. At that time, you will probably want to hear me speak Thai so you should probably have something to record the call with if you want.If you have any other questions or need clarification, please Dear Elder me. I will work my hardest to get the answers to you as soon as I can.Okay, remember that I love you all and pray for you all. Thank you so much for all your support. I will get a letter to you guys that's not as rushed. Anyway, I love you all. God bless. Con raw juur iig (till we meet again!)


Elder Jacob Newman

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